The shittiest fast food restaurant and a perfect symbol of mass production. Most of their food tastes crappier than crap itself. They claim their burgers are 100% beef but we all know that includes the eyeballs, intestines and testicles.

most of the stuff i've ever gotten there is from their value menu. while the chicken and fries aren't bad, the burgers will give you diaharrea endlessly. among such examples are their "cheeseburgers" which come with a thin slice of meat hardly qualifying as an existing piece of matter, globs of ketchup, two spoiled looking pickles (which make the whole burger taste like pickle juice), some cheese and some onions. the beef is fucking gross and does not taste like it was cooked on a grill, instead just microwaved.

so many people eat here but it is a wonder why. most are incompetent fools who don't know what a good fast food restaurant place is or are cheap or cant cook. it is pretty unhealthy for you too: how would you like to die early AND eat shitty food? sadly all resturants are beginning to follow its poor food production. basically, they give you food poorly hashed together, slap a good price tag and mangage to sell it to millions.

oh yeah, and when you order, make sure to have a Spanish-to-English pocketbook at hand.
Don't ever eat at McDonald's, the shit they serve might be cheap but your better off going to a different restaurant like burger king who flame broil their burgers or carl's jr whose thick patties are mouthwatering. unless you're going for a chicken fix or some fries and an apple pie. pretty sad when their best rides aren't their main attraction.
by Bitch Cock April 29, 2009
The place that I work where the customers are more retarted than my coworkers. They come through the drive through to order food, and when I open the window to take their order they just wave and keep going... they then realize their mistake and try to back up while another car is going forward towards my window...

Or they stop halfway through their order to scream at their bratty kids who are beating each other in the back seat. They then forget what they have already ordered and I am forced to repeat the whole order (Hamburger only bun and pickle, fries-no salt, Big Mac only mayo and tartar sauce...) with really wierd special orders... THEN they change their mind, and by that time the food has already been made specially for them with only mayo and tartar sauce...

Thanks for letting me rant.
McDonalds, we love to see you barf.
by Ab0vesuspici0n February 20, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, McDonalds in NOT a restaurant. Restaurants usually COOK food. McDonalds just heats it back up in a damn microwave. Nearly a synonym with hellhole. Known to hire hobos. Average IQ of people inside is 7. This is due to the brain shutting down from the sheer nastiness of their food. Prolonged exposure almost always results in permanent, extensive brain damage.
McDonalds is where yo go to get retarded.
by 0157 August 01, 2003
A place people go to get fat.
You're too skinny. You better start eating at McDonalds.
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
The 1# scapegoat to America's obesity problem.
Guy 1# : I know why I'm fat, man.
Guy 2# : Oh yea, why?
Guy 1# : Because of that shitty McDonalds.
Guy 2# : Actually, you're fat because you have no self control, nor common sense. Did you really think that eating two Big Mac's each day for five years wouldn't affect your weight? They're greasy and salty. Have some common sense, you fat whiny asshole.
by GimmiK February 10, 2006
Synonym for "cardboard". Also a convenient place to use their toilet when no public alternative exists.
I'm going to give them back some of their McNuggets
by AgentM September 21, 2003
A restaurant chain that shamelessly whores itself to minorities, and evidenced by their latest "Ba-da-ba-ba-ba...I'm luvin'it!" campaign. The food is terrible with the exception of the fries, McChicken sandwich, and McFlurry.

Probably laces the food with nicotine.
As the last french fry disappeared forever beyond her event horizon, Sally accidentally saw her reflection in the window and shuddered at what she'd become. At that moment she realized there was only one logical course of action: she had to sue McDonald's.
by Veldrimal December 14, 2004
When using the bathroom in McDonalds, be sure to flush twice. It's a long way to the kitchen.
I dropped a piece of hemp rope at McDonalds and made sure I flushed twice. Three days later, a Big Mac is born.
by Urban Dictionary April 13, 2004

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