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A horrible place. They pay minimum wage for maximum labor. In fact, most of the work they put their employees through is just under illegal. People think they're dirty, but not really. The food is properly handled and the employees aren't poor (unless they're old .... the young kids are only there for "experience" or a paycheck ... I mean, I wear Louis Vuitton and Gucci and I'm only there to become a manager, so I can have bragging rights).

The food however is fattening. Recently, they switched the vats (the things they cook most of their food in), from like grease to vegetable oil or something. But that doesn't make much of a difference. They are really cheap with their food, one sqirt of ketchup/mustard, a pinch of fake onions that come in a package, and you have to add water to make them grow, and two pickles, AND ONLY two pickles to a cheeseburger. Everything is very methodical and orderly there, and working there sucks.

You have to serve fat pigs who look down your shirt, and whiney skinny whores who bitch about calories and our menu (don't eat there if you don't want to get fat, simple as that peeps). The seniors complain when the prices go up one cent, and they make rude comments, and they show up every single day at the same time (some people don't have lives I guess, they'd rather go to McDonald's every day).

At McDonald's you aren't allowed to talk back to customers, even though half the time they are completely wrong. No, there are no tomatoes or mustard on a Big Mac, so don't ask. No, we don't have such a thing as "A Used burger Meal". No, I don't need your five cent tip, it's only going to go to the poor Ronald McDonald's House charity anyways. I make 17$ an hour, keep your five cents. No, of course I didn't wash my hands before I served you (idiot, if we actually were unhygenic like that we'd get sued, we're running a resturant, not a science experiment). If we didn't get your order right, calm the fuck down, the sky is not falling, we'll gladly replace your burger if you shut up and act polite about it. If not, we don't have a problem making it wrong again, just to spite you.

We are allowed to tell you to shut up, leave the store, and walk to the next McDonald's. No I don't have to take your order, it is not against the law to tell you to fuck off and walk away from you. If you want to be an ass, walk behind the counter, figure out the till yourself, and make your own damn burger, because obviously we're not doing it fast enough for you ... or something like that. It is not a requirement for us to be polite to you, it's just something we do. In fact, our only job is to take your order and get you the fuck out of the resturant in three minutes or less, so our job is to be fast, not friendly.

So McDonald's in general is a horrible place to work, and a horrible place to eat. The customers always complain (says something about our service huh?) and we could quite frankly care less about your demands (says something about our attitude). It isn't a problem of the actual corperate McDonald's, they are just a bunch of executives who sit behind a desk all day, with no actual experience of what it is like to work at a McDonald's. They don't know how hard it is to fake a smile.

So the definition of McDonald's is a resturant run by people who've probably never eaten there, or worked there. It is corrupt, and the customers expect too much.
Customer: "Fucking McDonald's folk got my Big Mac wrong! I asked for no tomatoes!"
Employee: "Sir, there aren't any tomatoes in a Big Mac ...."
Customer: (Checks sandwhich ... no tomatoes) "Oh ...."

Employee: "Have a nice day!" *Thinking (I hope you get hit by a bus you disgusting, fat, rapist pig)

Employer: "Empty the grease bucket, and if you do that we might be able to pay you the minimum wage ..."

Crew Trainer: "ONLY two pickles to a sandwhich ..."

Customer: "I just want to tell you that your lobby is a mess .... you should clean up after me and my disgusting, and messy family who just left five tray fulls of half eaten sandwhiches and chewed up fries. My son peed in the slide in the playplace, my daughter spilled her coke all over an old lady and your floor, and my husband took a shit in the toilet and didn't flush ... don't worry, our house isn't this messy ...."

Order Taker: (Drive Thru) "Welcome to McDonald's what can I get for you?"
Customer: "Hold on a second ... Hello? Yeah I'm in the drive thru ... what do you want? No, Jimmy can't go to soccer, NO SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH. No, what do you want? Hurry up, there is a line forming behind me? No way, what? Are you serious? Get out of town? Seriously? Woah man, that's messed ... anyways, you want a Big Mac? Extra Pickles, no tomatoes? What does Karen want? WELL ASK HER! Okay, okay, alright bye."
*one second later

Order Taker: "No ...."
Order Taker: "Um, you don't have to yell sir."
Order Taker: "I can hear you, ten Big Macs Extra Pickles."
Customer: "NO TOMATOES."
Order Taker: "There aren't any tomatoes on a Big Mac, anything else for you sir?"
Customer: "Nope. I'm good."
Order Taker: "That will be thirty eight dollars at the second window"
Order Taker: "Ten Big Macs, $3.00 for a Big Mac, you do the math ...."
by j.e_louisvuittonwhore May 20, 2008
A place where people eat alot, get fat, and then sue to get money.
I ate at McDonalds everyday for 7 years and now I weigh 500 pounds, so I'm gonna sue them to make some cash.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
Shit served in plastic containers.
by watchmedie July 20, 2003
1. A new innovation in disposal that gets rid of toxic waste by packaging it as food and selling it to people who don't know any better.

2. The lowest common denominator (for eating out).

3. An expression of United States cultural imperialism/cultural pollution (as seen from outside the United States). A symbol of increasing global cultural homogenization.

4. One of the best incentives for students to work hard at their studies, so that they can either a) avoid ever working there or b) stop having to work there. See mcjob.

5. An eating place that can give you malnutrition and indigestion simultaneously.

6. An evil cult hell-bent on seducing youth and molding their eating preferences for life. See happy meal, branding.

7. Outside of the United States, a symbol of America -- Frequently the target of demonstrations, riots, arson etc. in consequence if no embassy or consulate is close by.
McDonalds is invading the world -- like a virus.
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 07, 2006
Restaurant that's sued by fat ass bitches for making them fat even though the fat ass order five supersized meals a day.
Eat responsibly.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
Health Food
McDonalds, we make your heart a more efficient machine by making it work TWICE AS HARD!
by xul8tr July 03, 2003
A well-known "resteraunt" which has spreaded thousands of fast food chain links to their name through all most every country in the world like a deadly virus.

Almost everyone in the world have heard their infamous name, and they either love it or hate it.

Resulting in stepping inside an average abyss of tastebud Hell, you will be shocked to discover many terrifying sights. The basic area is horrid, and the first thing heard is whiny children complaining that their "McNuggets" are too "salty" and obnoxious overweight adult customers arguing pointlessly at a random worker. Most seats are taken up by either a crowd of 100 college students clustered into the corners of the room wearing baggy bin bags for trousers, idiotic children or teenagers shouting random things about their "meals" or obese men and women who gorge on about 5 of the disgusting, greasy "burgers" which would make a pig look like it has better diet and dining sense. The smell and overall breathing space is terrible, and the tiny sweaty dining areas usually waft with odours of frying faeces coming from the hidden kitchens.

In other information, most sensible people who have better minds and eating plans will stay well clear of this nightmare, rather than the poor, overweight souls who have had their mouths possesed by poorly cooked pieces of "meat" which look like floppy donkey carcass pressed into a disk-like shape by a child's cookie cutter. Often, terrible bouts of hiccups, burping, vomiting or diorraeh occur approximatly two hours after eating any large portion of the food served there.

Most people now resent the place even more, what with the pathetic TV commercials where they have rappers talking nonsence about how they think "McDonald's" is "the place to be" which makes 70% of the audience expossed to it want to slsh open their wrists in a frenzy of emarassment and hate. Even moronic pre-pubescant girls hate it, and if they were fans of Justin Timberlake now, they will have custom-made dartboards with a photograph of him in the middle for in his honour for inventing it's new catchphrase: "I'm lovin' it".

...Well, sorry, but in my opinion and half of the world, I sadly don't...but don't put me off you fans of buying the new "McVomit In A Bun".
>_< ...Don't make me go there again...I think I actually feel sympathy for the former slim population who have been sucked into the evil...
by YouThinkYouKnowItButYouDon't August 02, 2004
what got yo mama fat
That ain't baby fat bitch...the McDonalds gave you that shit!
by Nick D February 08, 2003