A more extreme form of the word ridiculous.
Mary, quit acting so McDiculous.

The price of gas nowadays is so McDiculous, I had to sell my children in to slavery.
by Cody Kloock (Klookie) July 10, 2008
Top Definition
What you say when you go in to order something from the dollar menu and the total is $1.08.
"Can I get the $1 McChicken?"
"Sure, is that it?"
"Ok, that's $1.08"
"That's McDiculous" (customer leaves)
by Bob The Genius April 02, 2010
A combination of two of McDonald's Hot N Spicys and a McDouble. Split the McDouble in half and combine it all in this order:
Entire Hot N Spicy
Half the McDouble
Entire Hot N Spicy
Half the McDouble

Think of rainbow cupcakes, or a summer's day full of butterflies, hey maybe even your mother's lasagna! Yeah...its that good. Only the chosen few have been able to finish it!
"Look at that sandwich! Thats frickin ridiculous!"
"Wrong, its McDiculous!"
by IamGrey February 10, 2012
Even more ridiculous than ridonkulous.
The amount of cat hair in his freezer was McDiculous!
by Redhed October 01, 2004
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