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A euphemism for an adult male, usually over 30 years of age, who holds a dead end job paying no more that 30,000 dollars per year. A McClurg may also live with his mother, or at least in the basement of a relative. Another defining characteristic of a McClurg is a heavy five-o-clock shadow that never seems to go away no matter how much he shaves.
Man, my teacher is such a McClurg.
by El Tercer September 25, 2006

1. To take completely the opposite view to the rest of intelligent society in order to be awkward and provoke a reaction.
A - "Hey, all the Jews deserved to die in the holocaust, I mean overpopulation was a real problem back then anyway!"
B - "Oh you young scoundrel, I see you're doing your hourly Mcclurg again!"

A - "Global warming is obviously not an issue and doesn't effect me in the slightest!"
B - "Oh you! That Mcclurg was particularly fine today my good chap!"
by PHH1 November 25, 2013
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