1. When you get a erection from eating mcdonalds.

2. Getting an erection at mcdonalds
1. dude my burger just gave me a total mcchubby

2. I saw ben affleck walk into mcdonalds and it gave me a total mcchubby
by honkeycat64 May 16, 2010
Top Definition
A delicious "hot n spicy McChicken" inserted inside of a double cheeseburger (bun and all). Complimented well by a value menu "dollar fry". All found at your nearest McDonald's.
Ryan: Hey Henry! How about a McChubby for Dinner?
Henry: I don't know man, i heard it tasted really good, but it was really expensive.
Spenser: Who did you hear that from?! It's only $2.18!!
Henry: A Double cheeseburger and a Hot n Spicy in one for half the price?! I'm Down
by Hank-Bomb, Suspense, Ron-ken April 29, 2010
The hankering you get when you want McDonalds' food, often be associated with the "munchies" but only when the hunger is for the golden aches' menu.
Can be spelled "McChubbys" in some circles.
Person 1: "What are you feeling for dinner tonight?"
Person 2:"I've got the McChubbies, lets go to McDonalds."


Person I: "I am so hungry after hitting that pipe, I've got major munchies."
Person II: "Yeah same, let's go to McDonalds, I've got the McChubbies."
by The McChubb June 11, 2013
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