noun. A person who is thought to be slightly creepy
he/she doesnt realise his/her creepyness and refuses to believe that people thinks he/she is weird.

also: noun: a small penis.

also: verb: to stalk someone.
OMG look at that guy over there with his polo vest staring at that girl's chest, he is such a mcbride.

wow this Mcbride over here just asked me to a suns game...what should i do?

i think this guy is McBride-ing me, he is always following me and taking pictures of me.
by geoffery chaucer January 27, 2008
Top Definition
1)Comes for the celtic term for "son of Bridget" meaning son of Bridget aka saint bridget the patron saint of Ireland.
2) Smart, firey, compassionate, caring, strong willed person.
I'm proud to be a McBride !
by maeveuterpe July 10, 2008
McBride is a creature of unknown origins. Somewhere in the league of the chupacabra, bigfoot and the loch ness monster. There is this mythical creature, known as the McBride. It is feared all throughout the north americas. Somehow, it intercepts emails and shows up at gatherings. from what is understood, the aerosmith song, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)", got it's inspiration from McBride. It is believed that McBride has features of a female, but swings low, like a donkey.
Nah, that's a McBride, yo!
by Antoine Johnsons June 10, 2011
(male) A Man who is obsessed with banging inanimate objects
(female) A smoking hot girl,usually bisexual
(male) Sam is such a McBride his pillow is torn apart and his vaccum cleaner is destroyed.
(female) Meghan is a McBride, I wanted to have a threesome with her and Nicole
by Boardman KAw KAW May 26, 2007
To be a fat veterinary surgeon who touches dogs.
God, He's not operating on my labrador, He looks like a bit of a McBride to me
by Becketarian July 15, 2009
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