A blumpkin recieved in the restroom of a McDonalds fast food resturant while the reciever eats a "Happy Meal."
After Sharif recieved his happy meal Jane gave him a McBlumpkin in the girls bathroom.
by Juaon January 14, 2006
Getting a blowjob in a Mcdonalds while at the same time taking a shit in there bathroom stall.
dawg she was such a slut, we stopped in the Mcdonalds after the club and she gave me a mcblumpkin.
by tdepergola August 23, 2011
the act of a male receiving fellatio while making a bowel movement after eating a large amount of Mc Donalds.
I almost regret eating that quarter-pounder, but at least I got a McBlumpkin out of it.
by Controlthislife April 02, 2011
A McBlumpkin is the same as a Blumpkin, except your eating a cheeseburger at the same time. So your dropping the duece, receiving fellatio, and eating a Big Mac at the same time.
Last night as McDonalds, the fry-flipper invited me in the back for a McBlumpkin.
by Cory K. October 18, 2005

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