Top Definition
A Male manager at McDonalds.
I wanted 10 chicken McNuggets! Lemme talk to McBastard over there.
by kaptainfaggot February 16, 2007
Since McDonald's changed its dollar menu, the McBastard is the illegitimate bastard offspring of the McGangBang. The McBatsrd consists of a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger smooshed with a Buffalo Ranch McChicken.
"Jesus this McBastard is a delicious new chimera of patheitc American psudo-food!"

"Fuck a McGangBang I'm gettin a McBastard."
by Hamm Star February 01, 2014
A McDonalds employee that messes up your order, and is normally white
"That guy forgot my McChicken"
by heysuwjhxdjwkhkasdjhfkj January 20, 2011
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