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1. A greedy, angst-ridden individual (usually Teenager) who hates religion but celebrates Christmas. This individual is usually not very bright and doesn't know it. His or her attempts at being bright result in repeated failure as his or her bright atheistic peers invalidate him or her. These peers whom are far less emotional and far more keen at critical thinking, are quick to repudiate the individual for lacking intellectual substance in argument or engaging in outright stupidity that has potential to reinforce negative stereotypes projected upon atheists by religionists.
Madeline is such a McAtheist if there ever was one. Her arguments are so inane that The Dean of Philosophy gets livid and tells her to just not comment to the visitors when asked about her philosophical positions since it makes decent rational atheists and skeptics look bad in front of those simple-minded religious folk touring the University.
by MW29A April 18, 2007
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Atheism based on vaguely understood pop-cultural references to Dawkins, Hitchens, Flying Spaghetti Monster and often mentioning unicorns.
An uneducated atheistic stance that embarasses the educated atheist.
The McAtheist is as uneducated in atheistic theory as they are about theology.
John said "How can you believe in a God that commits genocide?"

"He is such a McAtheist."

Mary said there is as much reason to believe in the FSM as God - what a McAtheist!
by Lucy's Angel May 25, 2014
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