guy who comes in and order alot of food and makes it hard on the kitchen workers
Joey:you see that guy that ordered 10 mcdoubles 4 quarter pounders and 2 mcchickens? Drop some 10 one and 4 one
Kyle: What a mcasshole
by Joe Willy Hill January 21, 2012
Top Definition
Often one will go out to eat at McDonalds, only for the mexican dude at the cash register to mess your order up. A McAsshole is the stupid guys at McDonalds behind the counter constantly messing peoples simple orders up.
A: Dude all I asked for was a friggin McSalad shaker and that McAsshole gave me chicken McNuggets!

B: Lets McJump him after his shift is over.

A: Good idea. In the mean time I'll go take a McShit.
by jAkE May 06, 2005
A stupid or mean McDonald's worker that dose not know what he/ she is doing.
I would have been here sooner if that Mc asshole didn't mess up on my order.
by The real Mike Gleason October 07, 2007
A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
"Your being a real McAsshole!"
by SMJ October 01, 2005
an asshole who makes frequent trips to McDonald's
"no nigga i don't want a Double Cheesburger, I want a Big Mac"

"Man, you actin' like a real McAsshole"
by Niggeratchi May 20, 2010
A. Contemptible, detestable person.

B. A good way to tell a person that they are an asshole.

C. Brad Hoffman
"Your being a real McAsshole!"

"Damn you are acting like a real mcasshole."

"You're A real McAsshole Brad!"
by bizar0 November 21, 2009
someone who is acting like an asshole but you are calling the person out with some humore
He didnt buy me anything, what a mc asshole
Pass the control mc asshole
by TF1 June 20, 2011
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