McDouble separated at the patties and a McChicken placed in the center
Damn that McBitchin' was bitchin'!
by Ronald McDizzle March 13, 2010
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When you take a Hot and Spicy and a double cheese burger and combine it to create the Great Mc Bitchin
Im hungry nigga. Lets get us some Mc Bitchins
by Gage Salerno July 10, 2008
Ordering a double cheese burger from McDonald's with everything you want on it and then also getting a spicy McChicken sandwich. Next you split the burger in half and place the chicken sandwich (bun and all) in between the meat patties. smoosh it all back together and enjoy your complete McBitchin!
Grace had her first whole McBitchin yesterday , Megan has yet to have this delicious masterpiece.
by McLovin that McBitchin December 17, 2009
when you are at mc donalds. order a mc double and a mc chicken. you take off one bun for the mc double and stick the mc chicken on that. then put the bun back on. and you have a mc bichin. please enjoy
"hey do you want a Mc Bitchin?"
"hell yea!"
by The Freshmen Joe November 24, 2009

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