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a hispanic girl usualy in highschool or college, working at mcdonalds, giving you a bitchy additude and screws up peoples orders on purpose , and gives smart ass remarks to people so she can get fired. Mc donald's sluts tipicaly have names, like maria,Monica,Earica,Veronica, stephonie, Lupe,nancy or juana etc.
Ceaser: "ey vato lets go to mcDonalds an get us some nuggets

Carlos : "gyea niggah i am down for that shit"

pulls into drive in

Mc donald's slut wile chewing gum: " welcome to mcdonalds what chu want? i dont got all day!"

Ceasar: "hey pinche pendejo isn't that your sister Monica?"

Calos: "naw thats my ex! fuck dis shit lets go to Burger king"
by baka kuso yaro October 03, 2011

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