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The name MacIntyre (from Scottish Gaelic Mac an t-Saoir), means "son of the carpenter." Although no documented history of the clan exists, it is most commonly said to descend from Maurice Mac Neil a nephew of Somerled, the great 12th century leader of the Scottish Gaels
McIntyre is just irish people ya crazy
by Guberif March 22, 2015
A relative of an old wrinkly Chinese man, usually likes to cook, and hide beneath their fat.
I saw a man today , he was a real Mc Intyre
by 66yytre November 13, 2010
To be humiliated in front of many people, by way of nudity. Comedian Michael McIntyre was performing on stage when another comedian pulled his pants down. It has been told members of the audience commented on the small nature of the scene.
Billy got McIntyred when his shorts got caught on the fence as he was climbing over in front of the entire school.
by prizerooster September 25, 2010
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