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The sexiest name alive, everyone wishes thier last name was Mazzu.
Random girl-Whats your last name?
Guy- Mazzu
Random girl- Wow that names so sexy
by BullRun September 01, 2008

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A surname of Italian origin, pronounced like kazoo with an "m". People with generic or boring last names generally envy those who have this last name because it rhymes with many different words, making it ideal for poems or freestyle raps.
--Casual conversation--
Teacher: Is it pronounced... May-zuh?
Student: Nah, it's Mah-ZOO!
Teacher: Where does that name come from?
Student: My dad's family.
Teacher: No, what country?
Student: Oh. ITALY, byaa!

Miss Mazzu, I love you!
by Panda Bear 311 August 02, 2009