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A beautiful girl who is small, funny, cute, just a really sweet girl, any guy would be lucky to have her , she's really amazing, she has the worlds most beautiful voice, prettiest eyes, cutest smile.. she's blonde, has braces, she is just something you want to cuddle all day c:
Maysun is really funny
by Lolidk January 23, 2013
A girl who goes to Forrest Hills Middle. She used to live in Ohio . She is pretty and she has blue eyes. She dated a Jerk named Mike and also another wierd kid named Anthony. She permed her hair this summer. She has braces and loves to read and sing. She has highlights in her hair and its about shoulder lenghtish. She is nice but if you get on her bad side shes not. She likes makeup. She is a cool kid. She plays soccer and might try out for cheerleading next year.
Maysun is a cool girl.
by =sahutupbeforeikillyou August 04, 2011
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