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African name- Usually friendly. Beautiful woman. Sets high standards for everything. Likes to do everything the right way. Big-hearted. Seen as ditzy at times and a flirt. Very low tolerance for b.s and ignorance. Expresses feelings regardless of anything or anyone. When this person gets money they spend it. Cares for those she loves. Looks out for anyone whether she likes them or not. Fun to have at parties. Great companion. Musically talented.

Best person I've ever met. =]
"She has such a big heart , she's such a Mayowa."
by bestiefortherestie February 04, 2010
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Pronunciation : (MiE-yo-wa)

1.)Nigerian name and word,(Yoruba) which mean Bring Joy. (v./ verb)
2.)Mayowas' are known to be lovely people to meet. They are kind, loving,caring, respectful. But don't get it twisted they can be terribly mean to people they don't like, or to people that insults them. They don't like to be pushed around. Mayowas are very confident in themselve, even when they don't seem so. They are smart, and you will be surprised to see what a beautiful person Mayowa can be (inner and outer).
1.) John mayowa with good grades home.
2.) Did you see this Mayowa?
by Mayowa June 03, 2013

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