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The totalitarian, evil, corrupt, dictator, pro-corporate american loving, rich beyond belief but to greedy to spread or share the wealth, rather see people suffer, believes in taxing everything (including air-I'm surprised he hasn't done that yet...) and making healthcare and owning any car, house, renting an apartment even more unaffordible to younger generations, self worshiping, thinks he is so high and mighty, that his shit doesnt stink. He is rude arrogant, believes in anti-family and values, believes in population control, anti-big sugary drinks, trans fats, hates Blacks, Spanish/Latin, Jews, Indians. He tries to be cool by trying to speak spanish but fails horribly. He's a maniplative deciteful, mush for brains, the biggest jerk, asshole, and rat that ever lived, the one the only New York's Mayor Bloomberg...
The asshole Mayor Doomsberg is at it again, he made hurricane sandy look like a walk in the park compare to how he rules over and destroys the lives of the citizens of New York.
by RrRmuzik November 04, 2013
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