an awesome environment full of beautiful people, teachers, talents, and ethnicities. This is an awesome school for young girls. There is a group of mean people but which school doesn't have one of those??? i love this school and it's a privelage to attend!!!
Mayfield senior school is an excellent community.
by ilovemayfield December 18, 2004
A private Catholic school located in Southern California, sometimes refered to as "The Bitches on Bellefontaine." The students and teachers are nice enough, but the administration is Nazi-ish. They give demerits for wearing the wrong colored socks, and they fire all the teachers the students actually like, while retaining the ones who cannot teach. It is in possession of one rather terrifying nun, known as Sister Babs and is partially run by a scary blonde ex-PE teacher.
She went to Mayfield Senior School and was forced to do the Heil Bannan and Babs.
by lynx wings April 21, 2005
Mayfield in on the top of a small hill Bellfontaine, the girls that attend it are often called the bitches on bellfontaine or senior sluts. Most of the girls are rich bitches but some are nice and humble. This school is a great school for your daughter if she stabs people in the back or just enjoys pissing people off and/or is slutty in any way
That girl is such a bitch she must go to Mayfield.

Don't molest me go molest a Mayfield girl, at least they will enjoy it!
by ihatemayfield December 13, 2004

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