A lame attempt at birth control which has a fairly high rate of unintended pregnancy, such as pulling out.
My new boyfriend thinks pulling out is birth control. I tried to tell him we were playing maybe baby. Guess I can start buying baby clothes.
by Dodiii September 10, 2010
Top Definition
Term used to describe a child that may or may not be yours. Used in situations were the child's mother has many sexual partners.
Is that your kid?
I don't know it's still a maybe baby.
I understand, She's too big of a slut to be sure.
by Gansta J September 30, 2006
when you have a thing with someone. like friends with benefits, or dating
Idk if i like him or not, i guess he's my maybe baby"
by boomitskate March 14, 2012
A phrase used when talking about foster children that the foster parents are attempting to adopt but it's not offical yet. This is a much warmer and fun way of communicating a person is trying adopt the children yet still conveys it's not a done deal yet.
How are things going with your "maybe baby"?
by John Patrick June 27, 2015
what you feel you have inside your tummy when you're not sure if you're actually pregnant.

the feeling is especially pronounced when you're particularly anxious to have or not have a baby.
"Well, I have a maybe baby. I still have to wait a few weeks to know for sure. But I'm so excited, I can actually feel it growing!"

"The maybe baby scared me so much, I didn't have my periods for two months and ended up telling my parents! Imagine when I found out it was just a false alarm!"
by whattay October 04, 2009
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