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a female born in the month of May
My birthday's May 17th. I'm a May flower baby!
by the original May flower May 21, 2010
When person 1 walks up to person 2 and says they're going to do something to person 2, but person 2 doesnt beleive them, then person 1 actually does it. then person 1 says "MAYFLOWER *cuss word*"
Person 1: Hey, i'm gonna knock your water bottle off the table

Person 2: hahah, alright whatever. <--doesnt think he's being serious

*person 1 knocks off water bottle*

by lolcatfish May 04, 2011
Word to describe a butt of nice or large proportion. Because the mayflower feed all the people and has been talked about for years.
That girl hbressler15 has a mayflower.
by Ajswls August 18, 2013
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