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Name of a well known California Marijuana Horticulturist who advanced the concept of blending modern organic additives with "old school" organic processes to grow some of the more potent yet 100% organic product available. His emphasis is on quality, not quantity.
Bud from Maximus Cannabis is always sure to please.
by Maximus Cannabis October 08, 2010
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Maximus Cannabis is one of the original 13 breeders responsible for bringing the concept of micro grows to the main stream. Together with the "dirty dozen", they were able to help bring about modern hydroponics buy proof of concept plans showing how hydro gear could be sold legally and across state lines. Others may claim this name, but the original owner is still located in California and lists his city as Rodriville
Did you hear about that new strain by Maximus Cannabis. It's the shiznit
by Maximus Cannabis October 05, 2010

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