1. Extremely extreme, often other Maxs die after acouple days of skateboarding, because of bringing their "game up".
2. Under cover rapper.
3. Once addicted to caffine.
4. Has "great" ideas that often lead to overall failure in life
5. A male will a large reproductive organ penis.
6. Loves "cup noodles"
7. Can taste a difference in peanut butters
8. Friend of Bigfoot
9. most commonly all defenitions
1. c.s.i guy: A John Doe tried to 180 switch foot nollie over 24 stairs.
c.s.i guy2: damn it johnson another one in the same week
nameless pimp: his name musta been Max
Ash(from pokemon): yeah his name was probley Max

2. Compton c.r.i.p. rap battle
Max: my beats so fly i dont gota try when i ride the ghettos they all think im fly of course im the guy when you need a ride...ect.
audience: DAAAYUUMMM

3. teacher: Tom when did Columbus land on Plymouth Rock?
Tom: uh, I don't know man... but I saw a tottal Max in a alley chugin' a water bottle wit some caf-pills, yuh dig?

4. max: okay so man what we do is we learn how to do backflips and crazy shit like that then we join a circus
flourince: damn man your whack
*40 years later*
-wheeze- get away from my grocery cart you hoe i need to live in somthin too!

5. girl 1 walks out from boy bathroom
girl 2: Why you so happy?
girl 1: I met a max

6. jessica alba: you wana do it?
max: um okay do you have cup noodles here
jessica: um yeah
max: can i have it?
jessica: you wana do it?!?
max: um yeah yeah can i have the cup noodles
jessica: um yeah here

7. Thomas the train: here eat some peanut butter
max: what the fuck are you tring to kill me this peanut butter got here on a Fedex truck and the guy who sold it to you didnt wash his hands.
Thomas the train: aw hell no!

8. max: aw damn man this is my song
bigfoot: yo max i didnt know you chilled at this club
max: ya man remember that sick part last week...etc.

9. mario: this dude was crazy but he died last week sucks assballs
luigi: oh yeah man he was rappin like crazy but he was poppin caffine pills in some cup noddles.
mario: yah man he was crazy like he was snortin peanut butter and he new where it came from n crazy shit like that
luigi: but he pissed me off him in bigfoot where skating the boston marathon and his huge banna tottaly got princess peach wet...
mario: yeah well he died and his money scam didnt work to well...
luigi: lets go get some shrooms and hang out with Bowser
by max aka friend of bigfoot February 09, 2008
The best guy in the whole wide world <3 I love him with all my heart. He is always there for me and I'm so glad he's mine. My Max. I love him so much, everything is just perfect about him. He's flawless and always makes me smile and gives the best hugs. Max is the most amazing boyfriend ever. If you date a Max, keep him. Max is the best person in the entire universe who I will always love.
My Max is perfect in every way.
by ldarling24 December 17, 2013
A sexy bisexual guy, always out for a good time, but can be horribly awkward.

Can't give up on his friends, as hopeless as they are, and even if he says he does, within a couple of days, hes back.

Usually scrawny, and easily taken advantage of. Goofy grins all around~ Doesn't much like energy drinks, but give him a soda any day.

Most say he would be a awesome boyfriend, but hes very nervous and anxious around some people, and takes awhile to be comfortable with someone. If somethings bothering him, its not unusual for him to hide out alone, and for not many people to notice.
Has his best times with people who are more outgoing than him.
1.) " Yeah, Max comforted me last night... I don't know how many things he can take. He doesn't seem to have people that /he/ can rely on."
" Eh, its how he is. Not like he has any problems anyhow."

2.) Max: *chuckles, giving a small smile* Ah, Sorry. I'm a bit out of it today...
Sam: I would expect so. *laughs out loud* I just woke you up~! * is standing outside, poking head through his room's window*
Max: What, is it like, 2 AM?

Sam: YESH. NOW, get a shirt on, and lets go! *leans in to nip his cheek, then jumps back out onto the yard*
by Guy~ August 13, 2011
max is the idol of my life
he takes everything to the MAX (get it)
and he is a legend
fuck YEAH
max is da beast like a beast
by johnny. 3:16 August 29, 2013
A boy, normally a senior, who had many talents, such as, music/jazz, acting, singing, dancing, ninja, and many more. he is VERY VERY sexy and has black hair. Not extremely tall but its hot all the same. He is a pot head, and smokes plenty a hookah. He doesn't care what anyone thinks and is very awkward. also, he is very funny and slightly annoying. Likes Taco bell and Tropical Smoothie and will never be caught without the following; a bong, a guitar, a bass, drum sticks, his brown satchel, a hangover/ drunkenness, a sexy silly smile.
Friend 1:Dude, I am SO hungry. Lets find Max and go to Taco Bell.
Friend 2:Cool, then he can play us that song about cocaine on the guitar/ukelele.
Friend 1:Oh yeah awesome! then, at 4:20 we can all get high together?
Friend 2:DEF!
by ILoveYouMax October 19, 2010
no definition for max because no one can define max
check out that max
by maxmuftc December 30, 2014
The sweetest, funniest guy you will ever meet. He is a smart, SEXY guy with a great sense of humor and a nice smile. He's so amazing and so athletic. He plays soccer, has hazel (or brown) eyes and dark brown hair.
Girl 1: oooh who's that sexy guy?
Girl 2: that's max, my boyfriend

Girl 1: you lucky bitch!
by Persøn March 17, 2015
Short for "maximus" Another word for "beast"
Meaning large penis and very good at everthing
Maximus is amazing.
by buster123 March 09, 2015

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