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noun, 1. the most brightest thing that has been discovered AFTER the discovery of Amy L 2. the brightest of everything that has ever existed inside and outside of our planet Earth.
Oh dang see that Mawnika over there? She's blinding me with her brightness and coolness.
by Miss. Unbright August 04, 2004
1 Word related to Mawnika
:O the most unbrightest person ever! she is so much dimmer then Amy L.
Oh where's that Mawnika? oh i see her over there! i didnt notice her because it was so dim.. now look at that Amy L. she is so bright she lights up the entire universe and she is so much cooler then that Mawnika =]
the MOST brightest and skilled person that has ever existed in and out of earth, brighter than amy l. of course ;]
i gotta be careful when i look at mawnika, she blinds me with her brightness, but i cant help but give it another glance ;D
by Unbright Amy August 04, 2004

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