A Mavro is a Black person or a stupid ghetto person who exudes black-like qualities. Mavro is of Greek origin, and many Greeks use the word as a derogatory to label inept, black, and/or ugly dark people. Mavro can be pluralized into Mavros.
1. Stop acting all ghetto because you are not a mavro.
2. Why you dress like a mavro, so ugly?
3. You are not a mavro because you are Puerto Rican and you don't look like those mavros.
4. Your nose is big and fat...are you a mavro?
4. Greeks love mavros.
5. Greeks hate Puerto Ricans.
by malvin December 04, 2007
Top Definition
An affectionate term for a male with dark skin, from the greek 'mavro' meaning black.
Nicky loves a Mavros!
by Maverick Corleone April 13, 2006
"Mavro" is a Greek word meaning "black" or "dark". When it is applied to people, it simply refers to dark or black people—it is neither derogatory nor insensitive. FYI, "mavro" is the masculine form, "mavra" is the feminine form. The plural is "mavri".
Man, there are some poorly-informed half-literate idiot morons on this site. A mavro's intellect puts theirs to shame!
by leonidas February 23, 2012
a racially disparaging and insensitive Greek word for African American. Mad props to CJ for this contribution.
Typically, Italian-Americans loathe mavros.
by weave August 25, 2003
All around Greece this is also the slang word for marijuana.
thelis to mavro?
kitao gia to mavro.
exeis to mavro?
by Kouklitsa8 April 24, 2006
typically used by irish-americans that have small penises due to the irish curse. CJ ur a fucking faget for posting that. CJ is gay!
Cj calls black ppl mavros cuz hes a racist!
by Nick Diroma May 31, 2004
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