mav·er·ick spûrsnsuns·suhk·mahy·bawls

1. Anything that rapes Spurs, Suns, Bulls, or Heat.

2. Archenemy of the referees of the NBA. (see) 2006 NBA finals

3. Archenemy of Charles Barkley

4. A team that was once "turned around 360 degrees" by Jason Kidd....hmmmmm

5. Any Mark Cuban based substance

6. German driven powerhouse

7. Avery Johnson

8. Suck it

(see) number 1 playoff seed
Nigga shut yo biscuit head, the mavericks are raping spurs!
by Chris Stew April 12, 2007
A person that dispoints everyone in all Online games, a Failure to accomplish that of the most simplest Tasks.
Dude you're such a Maverick!
by MaverickWing August 09, 2009
John McCain and Sarah Palin
Damn, John McCain is such a Maverick!
by ShotMaster October 05, 2008
The best roller coaster on Earth. Located @ Cedar Point. Starts with a 20 mph lift, 100' 95 degree drop, a few turns, an airtime hill that is teh pwnage, 2 zero-g corkscrews, a 70 mph launch, a few more overbanked turns, then the brake. Definitely *NOT* over 500' some people may say...
d00d, Maverick at cedar point is t3h pwn4g3!!!11!! rode it 6 times!!11!!111one
by DrkRatchet105 May 20, 2008
Reverse Shocker. Two in the poo, one in the coo. Two in the ass, one in the grass. Inverted shocker dive. (source-Top Gun)
After applying the shocker, turn wrist 180 degrees counter clock-wise (thumb to the south) and re-insert. This will result in a white gooey substance. Don't be alarmed.
by Ben November 17, 2003
a person who rebels against government or a group of people in society.
The enemies that Megaman X fights in the "Megaman X series"
by Rob Merrill April 01, 2003
McCain and Palin's buzz word of the campaign, often resulting in hilariously foolish Republican speeches.

We're just a bunch of mavericks over here!
by cecilia? October 16, 2008
A large freakin' wave out in California. I'm talkin about massive Like 3-4 stories tall. But smaller than a tsunami.
Surfers dream of catching that perfect maverick.
by Eric April 10, 2005
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