mav·er·ick spûrsnsuns·suhk·mahy·bawls

1. Anything that rapes Spurs, Suns, Bulls, or Heat.

2. Archenemy of the referees of the NBA. (see) 2006 NBA finals

3. Archenemy of Charles Barkley

4. A team that was once "turned around 360 degrees" by Jason Kidd....hmmmmm

5. Any Mark Cuban based substance

6. German driven powerhouse

7. Avery Johnson

8. Suck it

(see) number 1 playoff seed
Nigga shut yo biscuit head, the mavericks are raping spurs!
by Chris Stew April 12, 2007
a total dick
you're such a maverick
by 909899 June 08, 2009
One who exhibits an erratic style of thought or action.
"I propose we suspend our campaigns to have a pie eating contest!"

"Wow! you're such a maverick John!"
by ServerNotFound October 26, 2008
An individual who is unable to get along with her own kind.
Sarah Palin considers herself a maverick but that just means not even other Republicans like her.
by Number10Ox October 11, 2008
A nickname for John McCain's sad, shriveled penis. In verb form, signifies getting fucked by John McCain.
"I wonder if McCain's arm can make the movement necessary to stroke his maverick."

"Damn, my job just dropped my health care benefits, I'm getting drafted, inflation is out of control and my ass is sore. I got mavericked."
by DrHolliday October 02, 2008
A technolodgy advanced, morphing super droid that is capaple of destroying anything in its path.
anderoid, cyborge, robot, WMD ( weapon of mass destruction), maverick
by Demitre May 29, 2009
Word used way too many times by Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to describe herself and John McCain, but Mavericks they are not.
PALIN: "...And John McCain has been the consummate maverick in the Senate over all these years..."
BIDEN: I'll be very brief. Can I respond to that?
Look, the maverick -- let's talk about the maverick John McCain is. And, again, I love him. He's been a maverick on some issues, but he has been no maverick on the things that matter to people's lives.
He voted four out of five times for George Bush's budget, which put us a half a trillion dollars in debt this year and over $3 trillion in debt since he's got there.
He has not been a maverick in providing health care for people. He has voted against -- he voted including another 3.6 million children in coverage of the existing health care plan, when he voted in the United States Senate.
He's not been a maverick when it comes to education. He has not supported tax cuts and significant changes for people being able to send their kids to college.
He's not been a maverick on the war. He's not been a maverick on virtually anything that genuinely affects the things that people really talk about around their kitchen table.
Can we send -- can we get Mom's MRI? Can we send Mary back to school next semester? We can't -- we can't make it. How are we going to heat the -- heat the house this winter?
He voted against even providing for what they call LIHEAP, for assistance to people, with oil prices going through the roof in the winter.
So maverick he is not on the important, critical issues that affect people at that kitchen table.
by Muz K October 09, 2008
noun. a term overused by up and coming Vice Presidential hopeful thus creating it to have no effective meaning whatsoever
"John and I are just a couple of mavericks" - Sarah Palin, August 2008, September 2008, October 2008
by Lee3East October 07, 2008

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