mav·er·ick spûrsnsuns·suhk·mahy·bawls

1. Anything that rapes Spurs, Suns, Bulls, or Heat.

2. Archenemy of the referees of the NBA. (see) 2006 NBA finals

3. Archenemy of Charles Barkley

4. A team that was once "turned around 360 degrees" by Jason Kidd....hmmmmm

5. Any Mark Cuban based substance

6. German driven powerhouse

7. Avery Johnson

8. Suck it

(see) number 1 playoff seed
Nigga shut yo biscuit head, the mavericks are raping spurs!
by Chris Stew April 12, 2007
someone who is different by choice, as opposed to a pariah. also, a megaman enemy.
man, he is such a maverick, inventing that awesome new thing!

(while playing megaman): damn, i just got pwned by a maverick!
by 3mo Pwny Association February 17, 2011
A Palinfucker who likes to Palinfuck
After i Palinfucked her she knew me as the maverick.
by Max Sexton April 15, 2010
sarah palins' favorite word
"if sarah palin says maverick one more time im going to punch her in her face. =]"
by lawlz@republicans October 13, 2008
A Car Manufactured by Ford Motor Company in the early 1970s similar to an old ford comet
Holy Shit That Guy Has a Maverick
by mission911 April 29, 2007
sunglasses, esp. those such as Maverick Mitchell wore in the 1986 box office smash "Top Gun"
i just got done smizokein some wizneed so i gotta sport the mavericks so i don't go blind
by jon bon jovster April 29, 2003
the best cheerleaders in southern california.
the team with the sexy uniform.
the teamates that act like sisters.
the talented ones.
the team with amazing coaches.
the team that sings teal and navy everytime black and yellow comes on.

the team with the biggest hearts.

the team that pushes eachother through rough times.
the team where the little girls are just as talented as the older girls.

the team that is going to texas.
the team that is going to have 1st place in the bag.
the team that beats Action all the time.
the team that knows how to be champions.
Girl: who doesnt want to be a maverick.
other girl: anyone who wants to be a sucky cheerleader.
by cheerleaderdesertelite November 11, 2011
A no legged dog, a dog with no legs.
-"You'll never guess what i saw the other day!"

-"What did you see?"

-"A fucking no legged dog!"

-"Ahhh, poor little maverick"
by thegrizzelybear September 14, 2011

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