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Some very fine, Positively THC-Infested weed which can be bought from dealers returning from Hawaii. The only true,dank-ass Mauie Wowie is found in Maui, Hawaii. It's usually sticky, a deep, bright green, and crawling with red and orange THC Hairs. The most recent Maui Wowie was received by Michael Hansen from direct locals.
Dude. My eyes are chinked. musta been that Maui Wowie.
#mauie wowie #mowie wowie #flyin hawaiin #dank nug #maui weed
by Skunk Nuggets January 17, 2007
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Better than average kula-grown buds. also the name of a local candy bar.
Hey, I brought back a 40 sack of maui wowie from my vacation. I had to strap it to my nads to get it through airport security, so it my smell a bit nastier than usual.
by Sancho July 30, 2003
An extremly potient strain of marijuana, usually grown in Hawaii
Hey bro, I just got some sweet geba

What kind is it?

Maui wowie

Ill get Billy Bong Thorten
#bud #pot #weed #herb #cannibis
by herbguy September 16, 2010
Weed from maui, commonly more expensive than other kinds.
Ex 1. Hey is party is wack lets get some maui wowie to spice it up.

Ex 2. Mike has a medical marijuana case, he always get his first pick which is maui wowie.
#weed #marijuana #mary j #kush #maui green
by anusdestroyingpotsmoker March 24, 2010
An actual brand of catnip sold in pet stores.
"I gave my cat that Maui Wowie 'nip, and she passed out for two days!"
#catnip #marijuana #'nip #weed #cats
by wmdkitty August 11, 2007
High quality weed (marijuana) Origin: From the song entitled "Maui Wowie" from Kid Cudi's mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi" in which he talks about smoking that "Maui Wowie"

Quote from the song:

"Got enough dough, just to take a trip
To get a lil pinch of the Maui Wowie"

He refers to Hawaii as being his euphoria when he's high.
Man, I was so high cuz I smoked that maui wowie.
#weed #kid cudi #kush #smoke #blaze #high
by dreafool May 08, 2010
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