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a) A Kids Clothing Store.

b) An absolutely adorable, and very intelligent little Boy.

c) A term of endearment for a guy who likes to hide who he really is and puts up a mask of egotism. But who is actually an amazing guy when he lowers his barriers. He is somewhat of a ladies man and tends to hurt girls quite easily without realizing it at times. He is definitely a sweetheart underneath his facade and someone who you care a lot about.
Person one: Matt's an Asshole, he pisses me off so much. Did you hear what he did to that guy.

Person Two: You don't know him like I do. He's not all Bad I swear, he's my friend and I care a lot about him.

Person one: You're delusional, he's a complete egotistical jerk.

Person two: No he's not...well he is sometimes...but...he's my Mattypants....and shut up don't you say anything. I don't care what he may have done to you in the's just his way of hiding.
by Bandgeekgirl June 27, 2009
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