When you have interracial sex while constantly interrupting with akward phrases like "sooo, how does it feel?" and "um, should i go harder? Softer?" You then finish by writing about your experience in the school newspaper.
Matt:"hey, am I doing OK?"
Erin:"matt, can you please just shut up and pink sock me?"
Matt:"well, I guess, but what if-"
*Erin puts bag over Matt's head*

by dr. chong December 09, 2009
Top Definition
a very angered and cheap young man. will buy you a small mcflurry if he owes you $5. he likes black girls and has very bad social skills especially on the phone.
kyle: "heyy.. ummm what are you doing?"
jerrod: "just sitting at my house"
kyle:"well.... can.. i come... over?
jerrod: kyle stop being a fucking mattjoo and learn how to talk to people."

"hey you can just buy me a mcflurry instead of paying the $5 you owe me." ok ummm can i have.. a small mcflurry? "wow way to be a fucking mattjoo and buy me a $2 mcflurry."
by dr. chongs assistant December 07, 2009
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