in two words: 'THE SHIT'. Often a pole dancer and as spicy as a jalapeno! loves horses and is one sexy BEAST!!!Also used as a sex term.
I'd tap that girl, twice. She's definatly a Mattie.

I'd Mattie your mom.
by c-8-lin July 10, 2008
mattie is kinda the best thing in your life. just sayin. we arent boys! we are awkward.
mattie is mattie
by someonewhoissomeone October 05, 2013
a name some girls call a friend of theirs named matthew, who's the sixth one they know. usually a sweet and caring, silly and very cute guy. (he'll tell you so himself) :)
oh yeah! i can't believe mattie and matthew saw simon laugh!
Beautiful, sexy, shy, nymphomanic though. This girl will drool over alot. Sweetheart, and will be loyal to only you. If you show her what you got. ;)
God mattie's been drooling over my balls since last Tuesday.
by marie93 November 24, 2014
tom gay guya chap named tom, who is a gay guy.
mattie boy who likes men, esp. little boys in highschool 15 and under
by mo ho January 28, 2006
a sick bastard who tells silly asians your dirty dreams and will create horribly awkward moments in front of a grocery store. A Mattie can also be related to poop
Sue- "Zomg! that bitch is a bitch!"
Karen- "Psh chya! She's such a mattie"
by puppylove2852 September 07, 2008
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