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Matthew means gift from god, usually a matthew is a sweet and caring guy, he will be very clever and good at sport. Matthews of this type usually only ever love one person, and always will, till their dieing day. Matthews can get very emotional and find it hard to express their feelings, matthews love music.
Oh look at that matthew over there, he's very handsome.
by Kamron Gallet December 29, 2011
232 79
Matthew- means Gift from God. Best compatble with Jessica, once together they will become soulmates. Matthews are more then likey to not to wear trousers and will jessica be the more dominate. Matthwes also try to please thier love ones in as many ways as possible. Overall Matthews tend to be whipped.
Dude 1. Jessica you need to find yourself a matthew.
Dude 2. I know.
by 10ft tall avacado December 07, 2011
14 8
A guy who will only drink tea on his own terms; who will wait until tea has been made and drunk by others before making himself a brew.
Friendly person: Hey Chuck, do you want some of this fresh delicious tea I've made?
Chuck: Nah, I'm gona do a Matthew. When it's stewed and cold I'll make my own.
by jambon April 16, 2013
6 2
an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.
Im going out with some friends to grab a few matthews.
by SUBSANCHEZ December 27, 2013
4 1
To do a Matthew means to forget to bring your shorts when going swimming
"Hey where's your shorts?"
"Oh shit i forgot them, I can't believe I did a Matthew!"
by Nick fury May 09, 2013
6 3
A man who will always know how to treat his girl right. He may flirt with other people but keep in mind that he will always love you more than anyone else in the world! He's hot, sexy, adorable, cute, sweet, smart, funny, athletic etc. Even though he will act like a jerk sometimes it would probably only be that he's in a bad mood. The word "Matthew" actually means a gift of god. You can bet that he is. You'll probably fall in love with him as quick as lightning because of his personality.
Matthew is the sweetest guy I've met.
by DMlover April 18, 2013
46 44
A Matthew is a guy who is tall, introverted, serious, and somewhat awkward yet mysteriously fuckable. Matthews usually have dark hair. However, there is a special species of Matthews known as the Mullins species which are blond-haired and extroverted. These Matthews are said to have magical social abilities and are well-liked, but regular Matthews are said to be better in bed.
"I really want to fuck a Matthew" - Said every smart person ever.
by janicenicoley January 12, 2014
1 0
A regular average Californian male. Laid back and chill, this mildly common creature can often appear high to those who don't know otherwise. Though kind and always available, this species is highly deflective. Usually, Matthews only share their true feelings with a soul mate. Very often, these creatures will also become particularly attached to certain words. The words vary greatly, ranging from sexual to biscuits to Britney Spears. Though mostly comprised of these positive features, Matthews can develop extremely douchebag-like tendencies, often resulting in womanizing. After extended periods of this behavior, Matthews will often go into a state of depression and likely distance themselves from loved ones. These states of depression can cause substance abuse, alcoholism, and cutting in extreme cases. Also, a Matthews trust is difficult to gain and very easy to lose, so caution is advised. Despite all of these major flaws, Matthews remain fun and spontaneous to be around (provided they trust you), and they will always lend a helping hand.
"My friend ditched his girlfriend to drive me to my cousin's funeral today."
"Wow. He's a total Matthew."

"Oh my gosh. My brother was talking about how he'd run out of virgin ass at his school today."
"Your brother is such a jerky Matthew."

"I really like this guy, but he won't open up to me."
"He's a Matthew. It just takes time."
by Darth Biscuit February 01, 2013
3 3