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1)This boy has a tiny penis. Most people can't even see it. No one really wants to. 2) He looks like a really really ugly version of john lenon. 3) Didnt graduate highschool because the teachers couldn't stand to look at him for more than 5 seconds. 4) Doesnt shower. 5) Spends entire life on Xbox live. 6) gives girls fake pictures on his xbox live account because he knows himself, he is just so disgusting. 7) He is fat. 8) He dated a girl that looked like his sister. 9) He thinks hes really tough, and tells people he works out. When in reality he just masturbates and play games. 10) Oh, and he has a tiny penis. If i hadnt mentioned it before.
"hey matthew ryan fleming wanna hang out?" "sorry man, I have to go play xbox live because i have no life" (this isnt even a correct example because he has no friends)
by idcay June 17, 2011
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