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Everybody's favorite Douche-bag
Matt is such a douche-bag.
by emslyie January 18, 2010
101 95
(1)A Warrior, a Souljah, someone who is always keeping it gangster.
(2)Hebrew gift of the Lord
(3)The name Matthew has two distinct images: an outgoing young individualist who is cute, strong, and mischievous or a hardworking, reserved, traditional family man.
(4)A hot babe,a baller wanted by all woman and occasionally other men. Matt means definate pimp status.
(1)Tupac, Biggy, they aint got nothing on Matt.
(4) "damn, look at Matt, get me some of that!" "you cant pimp me, im a Matt myself" example Matthew McConaughey

by Hunterk October 29, 2006
135 129
1. the most awesomely amazing guy in the whole world

2. my boyfriend
Me and Matt made out last night.

wow matt is a great kisser.
by flippitydippity November 04, 2006
157 152
The hottest guy in the world, cute, a chick magnet, usually on the shorter side at a younger age, makes a girl wish he would never leave her.
Wow, your bf is such a Matt
by Irish Man Matt October 25, 2011
14 10
a guy with a really nice toothbrush
have you seen matts toothbrush?!!! its soooo high end
by mattyp319 October 14, 2011
15 11
The shy kid that everyone likes but noone especially takes notice too.
That kid is a matt, he's so cute but I wouldn't date him.
by Themattster69 February 08, 2011
35 31
Matt is a natural stud muffin, Tank, and tends to fart in class... ALOT! Matt is the type of person everyone loves, he's also known to be very tall skinny and a Huge Giants fan. He'll scratch his back alot in class, most likely make the football team for his school and his first car will deffinetly be a blue Mustang GT. Matt goes by the motto "Stay Frosty!" He's also very into girls and instantly goes crazy for all the girls in school. What can we say? Matt is a Tank!
"What's that smell?! I think someone just pulled a matt."

"Man your cool! Your just like matt!"
by Godofwords555 October 02, 2013
4 1