A fuckin' guy who thinks le chateau is too expensive and drowns girls with axe. is usually cross eyed with ugly shirts on first meetings. his hair is army-like, gelled down and has weird teeth. looks lie a druggy.. he has bulgy eyes.
"Oh my GOD look at that fucked up fish!"
"No dude, that's Matt."
by titpiss March 06, 2009
tall skinny guy that tends to hang out with fat people and drive slow vehicles.
yo look its fat matt hanging out with josh and b-ryan.
by J-dizzle n da hizzle August 13, 2008
A smarty-pants who goes on "Jeopardy" and wins $16,000. Normally has a short haircut with a long annoying braid, but cuts it off before starting high school. He will possibly become a billionaire or an evil dictator. His goal in life is to rule the world, and make everyone who was mean to him become slaves. He also commonly an atheist.
Person 1: Did you see that freaky dude in Geometry?
Person 2: Better be careful though, he's a Matt. He might make you his slave one day.
by poopoholic August 15, 2008
Masturebating And Tickling Testicals
i had MATT over for the first time last night, i think i'll invite him back.

Ewwww! i just saw him MATTing!!!!!
by DazTheCowboy June 14, 2008
a fucking faggot who plays video games too much, and eats pizza every fucking day...usually likes to give it up the ass to guys, and likes to deep throat his dads dick..He usually stalks people over facebook, and likes to gargle an insane amount of jizz
Girl: oh man did you hear, joe got caught sucking his dads dick!

Girl 2 : oh damn, thats totally a matt
by elchupracabra February 14, 2009
Matt is the kind of guy who as a wonderful girl friend. However, when she goes off to college he gets with as many girls as he can. in other words a complete jerk! who doesnt deserve to have a girl friend or get any at all!
Person #1.)hey have you seen matt?
Person #2.) Nah man, hes probably cheating on his amazing girlfriend with some sophmores.
by Mathew Perryman May 21, 2008
fat piece of shit who sits home all day and plays cs then sucks his dads dick and spends most of his day shoving food down his throat.
matt was palying cs then shoved a fat dick down his throat.
by shvoogie October 22, 2008

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