A person of the couch, or simply couch person
I regret spending most of my days on the couch doing nothing, like a matt.
by Zazzle Dazzle May 31, 2007
Used to refer to somebody who says they'll be there for you no matter what but turns back on his word. Syn: hypocrite, bad friend.
"I'll always stay your friend, even through the tough times"

"You're being such a Matt"
by ladeedas November 13, 2007
1.) An offensive term used by women to describe extremely small male genetalia.

2.) a man which appears to have little or no genitalia. (may or may not be a deformation.)

3.) A squirrels penis.
1.) Jill: soo, how was he?
Ann: ...:( i dont want to talk about it.. he pulled out his matt....

2.) Doc: i recomend any surgery possible to enlarge this matt...

3.) ann: how cute... look at that squirrels little matt...
by eric lutherson November 16, 2007
one who cannot pick up chicks or have a relationship with a good lookeing girl. also one who dates farm animals and goths.
dude that guy is such a matt.
by giuerimo February 16, 2008
A homo that wears tight ass golden pants. hes a Faggot
Dude did you see that Matt in my class? O yeah man i mean look at his tight pants.
by ooooooggiiieeebooogieee January 25, 2008
lowest form of lif itself
whoa ....look its matt
by ian1987dude January 07, 2008
Matt is the abbreviation of the name matthew . ancient Greeks used it for an ugly beast some people miss interpreted it as sexy beast. Also means the gift of satan this was until Matthew became a follower of Jesus the name became gift of god but it was not what he should of done as he made judus tell the romans where Jesus was. There have been many Matthews since mostly gay, tall, keriths bf, selfish, and backstabbing people. 80% of all Matt's have small dicks and man boobs.
Jeff- what did u do yesterday
Georgia- I slept with this dude he was strangely tall and I think he's gay and his dick is tiny
Jeff- oh Matt

Kerith- Matt is my sweetie
Matt- kerith is ma baby
by tomnalson November 04, 2014

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