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fat piece of shit who sits home all day and plays cs then sucks his dads dick and spends most of his day shoving food down his throat.
matt was palying cs then shoved a fat dick down his throat.
by shvoogie October 22, 2008
Matt is the name of people who like to sucks, especially on the weekends
Man, John said Matt sucked so good last night. So did Sara agreed, as she was suckled too
by UrbanDictionary .com June 12, 2005
1.erect,blood filled penis
I have a matt whenever I see that really hot chick.
by iruleusuckcock111 May 03, 2008
someone who has red hair and roots a rat for pleasure. he also has ginger pubes to top it up as well.
dude, get away from matt he will think were rats RUN!!!!
by Lube June 12, 2005
Adjective: To violently rape a male from behind
Hey he just pulled a Matt on that guy
by Shadow34567 August 02, 2007
An openly gay individual who still says he is interested in women even though he goes on vacation in Mexico and takes hot bubble baths with other "guy friends"
Wow, did you see those pictures of them from Spring Break? What a bunch of Matts.
by maladridina April 27, 2008
A person of the couch, or simply couch person
I regret spending most of my days on the couch doing nothing, like a matt.
by Zazzle Dazzle May 31, 2007