Is a boy in the uk who talks a lot of shit hahaha.
and has a sexy laugh
Matt is not far better then melissa.
by mattsucksftw March 12, 2011
A faggot usually with no friends with a small penis. Sometimes very witty but never knows what's going on
Did you fuck him? Oh ya Matt has a small dick
by Ryan Calftroy October 02, 2014
Slang in parts of South Texas for a raging homosexual and or transvestite.
"How's that new kid?"
"He's a total Matt!"
by Tmcnasty1 December 04, 2013
A huge asshole. Don't ever trust a Matt. Matts usually spend too much time on their computer and phone. Matts are kind of socially awkward and quiet. They are usually short and have a weird shaped head. They don't have really have good muscles due to their lack of physical activity.
Wow, he is a loser. Such a Matt
by demyogapants April 09, 2015
Matt goes to six flags a lot.
He usually wears two tshirts. one is usually camoflauge.

he owns a maroon jeep.

he steals phones.

and you may see him throw a subway sandwich off of a roller coaster.

and matt is really thirsty.
Matt is a loser
by wastebasket007 August 02, 2012
A total douche bag who rejected my best friend and deserves to step on a field of Legos
oh damn she crying, must've been Matt
by mattsadick69 December 23, 2013
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