A gremlin like creature that makes a squealing noise when poked and loves alcohol. The creature is a keen sportsmen and usually specialises in womens sports such as hockey
Wow look at him squeal... he's such a matt

Hes a fantastic hockey player!! What a matt!!!
by Rugbyplayer October 22, 2011
The best boyfriend ever. he cares for me, buys me things and is hot as fuck, as well as being mind blowing in the bedroom.
i remember the first time me and matt had sex.he undressed me gently, and got out his huge 8 incher, leting me look at it for a while before making out with me, his cock pressing against my bare body.

he then fingured me, using two fingers, starting slow and geting faster, working my clit so i screamed in pleasure.

I tossed him off, teazing him then going for it, getting faster so he groaned.

we then 69'd, me deep throating his cock and his eating my pussy out, licking all the warm white cum out of it.

he then started to fuck me, sliding his cock into me and shagged me till i spurted everywhere, then he came in me.
by Missy :)(: March 01, 2009
A man who truly cares for anyone and everyone he meets. His sweet and funny personality will win you over instantly! Also known for being extremely handsome and charming, but that is not the important part! (It is just a bonus!!) The truth is, he is the most perfect human being of all, without a doubt. His words will leave you speechless. His hugs will leave you breathless. His heart will leave you doubtless, doubtless of the fact that he is perfect. The girl who holds his heart is lucky. She may never truly deserve him, but he means everything to her. She loves him, and he loves her. Same boy meets girl story. Where a star shines his light on a stone, so that she shines in the darkness of her world. Love is powerful, and when shared with Matt, it is forever.
That young man is so perfect, he must be named Matt!
by TheLoveOfYourLife February 15, 2013
The most amazing boyfriend EVER he will do anything to make you smile or laugh he doesnt care what it is. Usually an outgoing loud person who is not afraid to be himself. He will ROCK your world in bed
Elza: who's that gorgeous boy you were with earlier?
Emilee: thats Matt(:
by Emilee11112 November 16, 2012
Matt goes to six flags a lot.
He usually wears two tshirts. one is usually camoflauge.

he owns a maroon jeep.

he steals phones.

and you may see him throw a subway sandwich off of a roller coaster.

and matt is really thirsty.
Matt is a loser
by wastebasket007 August 02, 2012
A total douche bag who rejected my best friend and deserves to step on a field of Legos
oh damn she crying, must've been Matt
by mattsadick69 December 23, 2013
A person who can never get his way. He is always talking like he has plugs up his nose and a fork in his throat, but he knows we be just messin. He has an obsession with saying words about people that like the other sex and sometimes saying it about his XBOX friends and likes freshman. But at the end of the day he is pretty chill. Plus he can't inhale but you will have to ask him about that story.
WOW, look at Matt hooking up with that freshman, NICE!
by AlCohen24 October 13, 2011

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