Matt .... A great listener who is compassionate and sincere and a reliable friend who is great looking but acts humble about it
Girl: Matt you are so hot
Matt: Nahh
Girl: You make all the guys jealous!

Matt: Well, I know
by The Italian God April 29, 2016
A big meanie who cheats at Trivia Crack! A soulless ginger!
Matt, you son of a bitch, stop beating me at Trivia Crack!
#mat #matthew #matty #redhead #manchild
by smiley79 June 22, 2015
Matt is an intelligent, faithful, handsome man. He is ambitious and successful as well as honest and generous. He is strongly idealistic and a born leader who likes living in luxury and polished shoes.
My boss's name is Matt.
#matt #handsome #warmhearted #faithful #ambitious #successful #leader
by LycaonWolf January 01, 2015
A dude's name. Doesn't know how to crump, but still judges you. Wishes he was a sex god. He will babysit your computer for you.
There's Matt, what a basic bitch
#boys name #matt #douche #sex god #judgmental
by whales55555 September 08, 2014
The best dude ever, literally. Matts make amazing bum chums, and are usually complete sweethearts. They're perfect and adorable, good looking and kind, funny and caring..everything you could ever want, really.
Person 1;'That guys so amazing..'
Person 2;'Must be a Matt!'
#perfect #adorable #amazing #hot #mine #bae
by mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy July 14, 2014
A charming young man, who is always there for you. He is one of those people where you help them out and they'll help you back. Matt is the kind of guy who is mature and sweet at heart, he's best mates with his friends. Any girl would be lucky to date Matt.
Person 1: Hey who's that?
Person 2: Him? That's my mate Matt
Person 1: Is he nice?
Person 2: Hell yea, he's the best person you'll ever meet.
#matt #kind #friendly #nice #funny
by BrightEyed March 17, 2013
Different..but in a good way. Kind of corky and very funny, yet flirty. Will always make you smile :)
He is so Matt.
#matt #matthew #matty #funny #corky
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