Matt is an intelligent, faithful, handsome man. He is ambitious and successful as well as honest and generous. He is strongly idealistic and a born leader who likes living in luxury and polished shoes.
My boss's name is Matt.
by LycaonWolf January 01, 2015
A dude's name. Doesn't know how to crump, but still judges you. Wishes he was a sex god. He will babysit your computer for you.
There's Matt, what a basic bitch
by whales55555 September 08, 2014
Different..but in a good way. Kind of corky and very funny, yet flirty. Will always make you smile :)
He is so Matt.
A goof. Normally making jokes that aren't funny, he's usually laughing like donkey. Retarded most of the time, flirts with girls to no success.
Me: Matt, did you seriously just use that pick-up line?

Matt: Yeah! -Yuk yuk-

Me: Wow, you're so retarded...
by TheAwesomestNinja March 07, 2012
Smart, funny, charming, and adorable. At first, he'll seem like he really cares about you, but after a week, he'll dump you for your best friend. Matt's usually are short, skinny band geeks with the most amazing brown eyes ever. Usually has a beautiful smile, and the sexiest voice in the world. They will say that they love you, and treat you like a princess. They usually tire of you quickly, and if you were stupid enough to believe their lies, your heart will get ripped to pieces. It is impossible to stop loving a Matt, no matter how much you hate him. A complete player that should never be trusted.
My last boyfriend was such a Matt, but I still love him.
by brokenbutwhole July 19, 2011
A guy that has the most amazing body and he knows it. He makes you fall in love with him soo easily. Has the most amazing and seems like a real charmer and genuine guy. But most the time all this is a lie. He is a lieing backstabbing cheater that will do anything to get sex. He changes how he treats people and how he acts around certain people.
Girl 1: I love Matt so much!
Girl 2: Wait i thought you and Matt broke up?
Girl 1: No why would you think that?
Girl 2: Because Matt told me that yesterday so he could have sex with me.
by missy94 July 11, 2010
A Matt comes with incredible eyes and A1 graded kissing lips complete with lip ring. A Matt spends all his time and money in a frenzied state of euphoria on his throne using sticks to perform buzz rolls on round cylinders of various sizes while smashing tin plates at the same time to get his groove on. A Matt will bring you vegetarian food when neccessary or be the designated driver if needed. A Matt is a friend of the highest caliber. You will usually see a Matt with groupies hanging all over him which he considers nazzty. Matts reside in a state of oblivion with no clue about anything that goes on around them except the sight and sound of drum sets and drum music. A Matt has an uncanny abilty to make you laugh hysterically and to talk for hours about his random ahmazing interests and experiences. A Matt is a perfect combo of single stroke rolls, ruffs, and paradiddles. A Matt is a masterful combination of good looks, humor and sexiness all packed into a babyface giant package of superb drum skills.
Drummer 1: WOW now that is one heck of a Matt solo.
Drummer 2: I gotta get my Matt on like that wut wut yea.
by Lilydontknow February 11, 2010

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