The shy kid that everyone likes but noone especially takes notice too.
That kid is a matt, he's so cute but I wouldn't date him.
by Themattster69 February 08, 2011
Matt is the abbreviation of the name matthew . ancient Greeks used it for an ugly beast some people miss interpreted it as sexy beast. Also means the gift of satan this was until Matthew became a follower of Jesus the name became gift of god but it was not what he should of done as he made judus tell the romans where Jesus was. There have been many Matthews since mostly gay, tall, keriths bf, selfish, and backstabbing people. 80% of all Matt's have small dicks and man boobs.
Jeff- what did u do yesterday
Georgia- I slept with this dude he was strangely tall and I think he's gay and his dick is tiny
Jeff- oh Matt

Kerith- Matt is my sweetie
Matt- kerith is ma baby
by tomnalson November 04, 2014
A Matt is a true born champion, they are also very smooth with the ladies and very outgoing.
Matt's are also amazing at sports.
Everybody loves a Matt
Oh look that team has a Matt, guess we are screwed.
by MattJ21 October 26, 2014
A fucker who gets a sugar high off of soda. Someone who, while on this sugar high, plans on punching trees with a bigass smile on his face. Nevertheless, this person makes the best D jokes ever handsdown. He lives in a very redneck-y area. Despite his whiteness, he is a sucker for Asian food. Also most importantly, this guy is way too thirsty. Yet he won't admit it. Pfft.
"Matt, you're such a dick. But you're enjoyable to talk to you fucker. RAISINS AND CHOPSTICKS."
by Magician24 May 26, 2014
Has the ability to take any good quarterback and plunge their career straight into the ground
Brent: Did you hear Matt traded for Tom Brady whose overall is a 99.

Omar: Naw man that aint Falco he finna be a 87 now after throwing 32 interceptions.
by JesuoreRex September 06, 2012
Different..but in a good way. Kind of corky and very funny, yet flirty. Will always make you smile :)
He is so Matt.
A matt is a Nice guy but also a shy guy at times.He says one thing like i like you then says i never liked you.He is a huge gamer and it might take years to get him off. If you meet a matt you are going to want to keep him. At times he won't be confident to tell you his feelings. But you must give time to tell you all of his feelings. He is very funny and wierd.
Girl 1: I want to date him.
Girl 2: I am in love with Matt
by Todays mastermind January 18, 2015

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