a guy with a really nice toothbrush
have you seen matts toothbrush?!!! its soooo high end
by mattyp319 October 14, 2011
Handsome guy who picks hair off couches.

Also known to turn into a fridge bear at night.
My couches look so good because I have a Matt.

Where are all the chips? Oh, we have a Matt.
by Lissa-berg February 03, 2010
Matt is a natural stud muffin, Tank, and tends to fart in class... ALOT! Matt is the type of person everyone loves, he's also known to be very tall skinny and a Huge Giants fan. He'll scratch his back alot in class, most likely make the football team for his school and his first car will deffinetly be a blue Mustang GT. Matt goes by the motto "Stay Frosty!" He's also very into girls and instantly goes crazy for all the girls in school. What can we say? Matt is a Tank!
"What's that smell?! I think someone just pulled a matt."

"Man your cool! Your just like matt!"
by Godofwords555 October 02, 2013
Different..but in a good way. Kind of corky and very funny, yet flirty. Will always make you smile :)
He is so Matt.
the best looking boy I've ever met. Loves pringles, and will love you forever if you give him some. Has the best jaw I've ever seen and dresses amazingly. He is shy, doesn't always like interacting socially and can sometimes appear as awkward. Once his shell is cracked, its cracked forever and you can get your way in and gain his trust, but it's a hard shell to crack. Strong, beautiful arms, quiet and likes to walk a lot.
oh yeah, he's such a Matt
by nancydelancy July 16, 2011
The shy kid that everyone likes but noone especially takes notice too.
That kid is a matt, he's so cute but I wouldn't date him.
by Themattster69 February 08, 2011
A matt is a Nice guy but also a shy guy at times.He says one thing like i like you then says i never liked you.He is a huge gamer and it might take years to get him off. If you meet a matt you are going to want to keep him. At times he won't be confident to tell you his feelings. But you must give time to tell you all of his feelings. He is very funny and wierd.
Girl 1: I want to date him.
Girl 2: I am in love with Matt
by Todays mastermind January 18, 2015

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