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He is handsome, intelligent, fun, funny, charming and sweet. He also has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen in my life, you can lose yourself in them. Once you get past the eyes, he has these kissable lips to die for and he sure knows how to use them! I am always starving for more.

Matt is this amazing guy. His heart is full of so much love. Once he lets you into his heart there is no escape. If you are that lucky person to get captured, make sure you never let go because he is everything you will ever want.
Matt completes me in more ways than one.
by Red Hot February 05, 2006
(1)A Warrior, a Souljah, someone who is always keeping it gangster.
(2)Hebrew gift of the Lord
(3)The name Matthew has two distinct images: an outgoing young individualist who is cute, strong, and mischievous or a hardworking, reserved, traditional family man.
(4)A hot babe,a baller wanted by all woman and occasionally other men. Matt means definate pimp status.
(1)Tupac, Biggy, they aint got nothing on Matt.
(4) "damn, look at Matt, get me some of that!" "you cant pimp me, im a Matt myself" example Matthew McConaughey

by Hunterk October 29, 2006
A good looking male who has a really sexy exterior with nice eyes but a soft, loving interior who will still away anyones heart. They are usually interested in sweet girls named julia.
Matt is so hot and sweet
by luvluvluvluv January 17, 2012
a guy with a really nice toothbrush
have you seen matts toothbrush?!!! its soooo high end
by mattyp319 October 14, 2011
1. the most awesomely amazing guy in the whole world

2. my boyfriend
Me and Matt made out last night.

wow matt is a great kisser.
by flippitydippity November 04, 2006
A dude's name. Doesn't know how to crump, but still judges you. Wishes he was a sex god. He will babysit your computer for you.
There's Matt, what a basic bitch
by whales55555 September 08, 2014
A goof. Normally making jokes that aren't funny, he's usually laughing like donkey. Retarded most of the time, flirts with girls to no success.
Me: Matt, did you seriously just use that pick-up line?

Matt: Yeah! -Yuk yuk-

Me: Wow, you're so retarded...
by TheAwesomestNinja March 07, 2012
The shy kid that everyone likes but noone especially takes notice too.
That kid is a matt, he's so cute but I wouldn't date him.
by Themattster69 February 08, 2011