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He is handsome, intelligent, fun, funny, charming and sweet. He also has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen in my life, you can lose yourself in them. Once you get past the eyes, he has these kissable lips to die for and he sure knows how to use them! I am always starving for more.

Matt is this amazing guy. His heart is full of so much love. Once he lets you into his heart there is no escape. If you are that lucky person to get captured, make sure you never let go because he is everything you will ever want.
Matt completes me in more ways than one.
by Red Hot February 05, 2006
A "Matt" is the end of a hand-rolled cigarette that you mistaken for a roach.

Guy #1: Dude! Check out the roach I found in your coffee can full of cigarette butts!
Guy #2: Smells like tobacco to me - it's probably just another Matt.

by wvdrtnsf February 04, 2009
Nice guy, shy, focused. Makes you feel special, adored, amazing, says all the right things. Goal=Bed. Kisses you softly all over, slowly undresses you, watches your reaction, a snake ensnaring a mouse. He has you in chaos of agitated excitement & you want to jump his cock, he takes you to Heaven with his mastery of sexual skill. Wants a woman that completely devotes herself to him, open & vulnerable. Passive female that doesn't question & accepts that this is all it will ever be. God-like lover makes you cum so hard over & over that you're exhausted by the time he's finished with you; compensating. Matt's don't talk. Many women in his bed, on stand-by & one that just left before you arrived. Guiltless, emotionless. Loves the body not the woman. Not handsome, lazy, messy, gluttonous, hates doing work. Smart but thinks he's more brilliant than he actually is. Leaves you wanting more so you will never get enough of him. Narcissistic and will not ask about your life/interests. Doesn't have many friends & just like his conquests, they come & go. Has many layers that need to be peeled back in order to really get to know him, that is if he wants you to. Guards his true self like a precious diamond. People refer to him as socially awkward, personality disorder, too constrained. Says negative things on social media sites unless directed at his next target female. Fantastic lover, available for sex, and keep ex's around for pleasure. Don't try to date a Matt Just Fuck one!
Girl 1: What did you do last night?
Girl 2: I had a Matt
Girl 1: Wow, I wish I could've had a Matt. It's been so long.
Girl 2: Yea, it's fun for now
Girl 1: Aren't you going back for more?
Girl 2: Nah, Matt's are only good for a fuck. You can't marry a Matt.
Girl 1: Can I have your Matt?
Girl 2: Go for it!
by Daenerystargaryen April 29, 2013
The love of my life<3 Someone who has a big heart and you will never forget.
My ex- boyfriend, matt.
by iloveyoubaby<3 April 11, 2011
an amazing boy with gorgeous brown eyes. he's always ridiculously nice and gives fantastic hugs.
matt always makes me feel all fluttery when i look into his eyes.
by *sigh* yo mama January 15, 2011
has a big cock and is great in bed he never stops and is a party animal
matt rocked my world last night and the night before that he is simply a beast
by Matt the beast September 22, 2008
the hottest guy 2 ever walk the face of the planet. he has the cutest eyes. he is really good with his girl friend. no girl will ever deserve him, he's 2 good. girls love him and guys want 2 b him.
guy: i wish i was him.

girl: i wish my boy friend was matt.
by Hope Peifer August 30, 2008
One who is adressed as Matt usually cause his name is Matthew it is said matts are the most faithful and loyal people in the world, typically he is either a leo, scorpio or libra. He comes on strong and always means what he says (even if he denies it). Is almost always the brave one though looking at him you would doubt it.
Woman1: Wow yo are so lucky to be dating Matt

Woman2: Yah, I know he has never even looked at another girl since he has been with me
by Roflcopter goes fwapa June 25, 2009