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A woman who is 10-30 lbs. overweight with extremely large breasts. A voluptuous woman with curves.
"Check that out bro, she's a total Matt Special"

"Did you see how big those were? That was for sure a Matt Special".
by bevo2284 August 11, 2011
A parasitic maneuver in which a male glides his erect penis within the crevasses of a woman/man's ass, until he feels inclined to orgasm. The cherry on top of the occasion requires that the male splooge all over the victim's back.
My back is sticky and my ass crack is violated because I got a Matt Special last night.
by shamonajackson March 24, 2011
Defecating and urinating in a bowl, and then placing your brother's hand in it as he sleeps.
I got bored last night so i totally gave my roommate a Matt Special!
by Cheeky Monkey! November 11, 2007
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