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a noun that describes a weird person with a creepy smile. Originated from Mr. Paul Matsumoto, a chemistry teacher who smiles every time when he tortures his students.
Student A: Mats, how are we supposed to know this?
Matsumoto: You learnt this before. Now you gotta integrate. Isn't this fun? (creepy smile... ;D)
Student A: uhh...
by A guy from San Francisco April 09, 2013
used when you have foul breath.
A: sensei, how do pronounce this?
B: umm, 歯!(putting emphasis on the ha~)
A: Dude you have a Matsumoto today! oh god....
B: oh really? ha-------!
A: ぎゃー!
by NUDJA GINGLOCK December 18, 2011
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