An extinct type of cannabis that was found in Mantanuska Valley, Alaska. farmers grew this strain during summer which had almost 24 hours of sunlight and left out for one frost for the THC potency to reach maximum potential. can appear to be green, purple, and even white, and in rare cases, blue. The Mantanuska Thunderfuck is extremely potent and is a legendary strain and is now suceeded by the Mantanuska Tundra.
Matanuska Thunderfuck is extinct but you can grab some Matanuska Tundra which it is a little less potent.
by easy chang October 05, 2007
Top Definition
An extremely high-grade strain of marijuana, developed in a part of Alaska known as Matanuska Valley, slightly north of Anchorage. Extremely high crystal growth and THC content. This strain has surprised many a long-time stoner.
Hey, I heard there was some Matanuska Thunderfuck in town!
by Morg October 08, 2005
a very potent strain of marijuana grown in the matanuska region of Alaska, made famous by its potency and unusual name. Sadly, this strain is not grown anymore for unknown reasons.

popularly called mtf for short.

Commonly misspelled on this website as manatuska thunderfuck
Pothead 1: Dude i blazed some matanuska thunderfuck last night and i was trippin!
Pothead 2: Damn, i gotta get me some of that
by akstoner907 September 19, 2010
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