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A seldom used technique used in the art of exposing ones genitals to unsuspecting friends, family, or total strangers.
To perform the Matador one must first remove his pants and then drape his coin purse over the front of his boxers. The Matador must then hold his pants in front of his body creating the illusion that they are still on. Once all of the viewers/victims/bulls are looking, the Matador must side step his pants to reveal his testicular fortitude.
Just as Danny caught our attention by yelling OLE, all of us in the room watched in horror as he side stepped his pants and revealed to us the glorious disaster that is, THE MATADOR.
by VINAPBC24 May 29, 2008
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Sexual Position involving a gentleman and a lady similar to cowgirl, however, must take place while a lady is on her period and the man is wearing tidy whites*. To preform position female must ride male in typical cowgirl fashion, however, male must keep tidy whities on and stick his member through the slit of his undergarment. When the sex session has come to completion the soaked tidy whities are immediately removed from the male by the female in a swift fashion while saying Olé.

* Any white undergarment may be used as long as it has a slit. The matador is not solely limited to tidy whities

Bonus: Use tidy whities as cape and have either partner run through them similar to a real matador.
Efrain: Babe, I really want you.

Tess: I am on my period :/

Efrain: I don't mind a little red tide. Let's try the matador.

Tess : Great Idea. I'll grab the tidy whities and met you in the bedroom ;)
by Fearless Beggar December 27, 2014
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Mascot of California State University, Northridge.
The CSUN Matadors beat the Pacific Tigers tonight to claim the Big West Tournament championship.
by Special Ed April 15, 2005
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to lose credibility. related to the once superb label outta Jersey that now sucks shit.
Damn, Yep Roc got totally matadored.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 24, 2005
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Literally: To step out of the way of an approaching person so that the person flies past and lands flat on their face.
Figuratively:To dodge or spin a conflict so that the conversation turns onto the person that brought it up
Man i was trying to talk to paul about the other day, but he just kept matadoring me
by The REal Paul Collins October 15, 2008
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A man who has a parted beard or has the ability to part his beard.
"Look, another Matador walking around".
by Denny Brad July 22, 2011
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A sexy, candle filled, tequila infused, restaurant/bar in the Pacific Northwest that, after marinating your body & soul for a spell, makes you wanna go home, rip your clothes off and fuck like monkeys!
Wow, I am so happy we hit the Matador. I'm super horny!
by heyitznan February 20, 2010
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