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Mata Hari was a beautiful spy that was playing both sides of the field (Double Agent).

Born 1876 Mata was a Dutch exotic dancer and a famous courtesan who was executed in 1917 by firing squad by the French for espionage during World War I i.e. Mata was a (French & German Spy)

It is said upon her execution that she flung off her coat to expose a naked body to the firing squad.

Even at the age of 41; Mata, although not as young and beautiful as she once was, still had many high ranking military officers, politicians, royalty and other people of influence begging for her love and lust.

Mata used eroticism and read many books like the Indian Kama Sutra to help her accomplish a prima donna sex status. Other's include the biography of Cleopatra, Jezebel and other famous sensual females who commanded high sexual prowess.

Mata Hari means - Mother of God in Sanskrit and Eye of Dawn in Indonesian.

Mata was mostly famous for taking her clothes off as an Oriental dancer. At the time Mata was survived by her only daughter (son murdered by poison by disgruntled housekeeper in Java, Indonesia).

In the movie Casino Royale Mata Hari and James Bond (007) have a child called Mata Bond.
Mata Hari was a bit like Delilah (AKA Samson and Delilah). $$$ was her downfall and destruction.

Mata Hari had a bad habit of losing her clothes while she danced ;)

During the year 2000 a new trial was lodged with the French courts to clear Mata Hari's name. The legal fight continues to this day for important classified documents from both France, U.K and Germany to be shown to the public.
by The Moody Poet January 20, 2007
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