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the state your in right before you spew semen
me and my girlfriend were foolin around and her mom walked in just as i got to masturbation station
by jizz-master October 25, 2005
1. A place where it is common to find a person hunched over masterbating.
2. Any area with a quiet corner, preferably in a room with fewer than 7 people.
3. Like a train station, except you masterbate there.
The other day Tom was walking down the street, and noticed an abandoned ice cream truck; there were only 2 hobos inside, so he crawled to the front seat and made it a mobile Masturbation Station!!
by D-Smoov November 30, 2006
a location or area in the home where someone most frequently masturbates. This is usually a chair in front of a home computer where internet porn can be accessed.
im feeling a little stressed.. i think i need 7 or 8 minutes alone at the masturbation station.
by veh-jay-jay January 18, 2009
The box, drawer or other place you store all of the items you use to masturbate including lotions, magazines, porn videos, dildos, etc.
Guy 1: His mom said we could come in here and get my video game.

Guy 2: Well lets get it and go.

Guy 1: Ewwww

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I found Jeff's masturbation station! It's all sticky and shit!

Guy 2: Ahhh gross
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. September 28, 2010
A place where you come to masturbate and masturbate to come!
Don: I went to the masturbation station last night!

Rick: Did you masturbate to come?

Don: Of course! What else is there to do?
by francis p. August 18, 2013
A euphamism for your hands.
Dave has had his arms in casts for well over two months now. I wonder how he copes without being able to use his masturbation stations properly...
by Ben-Jammin'101 April 18, 2007