Self improvement or pleasing oneself.
Rick: Did you see John working out?

Steve: Yeah, he is totally masturbating his ego.

Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction on the hand...
by Raakam_revolver September 12, 2012
The act of touching yourself
Some people say masturbation is bad for you but really, it is harmless and in some ways healthy.
by Newworldchic May 30, 2013
To stroke your penis, causing you to ejaculate, now commonly referred to as fapping
Jim: Masturbation is a GREAT way to pleasure yourself
by FluffyMan20 May 09, 2016
The common act of one who touches oneself to produce a pleasuring feeling in the groin area which almost always ends up in ejaculation. This is accomplished with the help of some form of visual or audio stimulation or just plain imagination.
beating off; harping on the cyclops; unmasking the self serve pump; launching the meat missile; whacking the flesh flute; Masturbation;

Person 1: Dude, Sheldon masturbates 9times a day..
Me: dude.. hes gonna have alot of kids..

Person 1: Hey, what are you doing later?
Person 2: I figure I'll masturbate til I pass out.

Person 1: Dude.. Sheldon is in the hospital.
Person 2: How the ??
Person 1: Yeah, turns out he ejaculated until his actual testicles came out
Person 2: Well, I guess that's what 9 times a day got the horny bastard.
by Risown November 10, 2008
Although, pronounced really as Master Bation, is a suffering of bating who becomes their master. By masturbation, will cast away that tormenting spirit that haunts within their minds. Towards a more well suited ruler to bless their soul once their handy work has endured. Of course, that tormenting spirit finds this as an exciting game to play, so torments constantly non-stop and continually making the masturbation go on and on.
Ben liked having a quick bash of his bishop, only things turned slightly awkward. A tormenting spirit saw this masturbation go on, and realising how the mind his satisfies was not as he prefered. Within bens mind this spirit kept reminding him, by saying 'you're me' non-stop, of the master he has upon his head. So at several intervals, all day and all week, till he rubbed sore, masterbated till his mind was at peace and had the master he wished for.
by Long Johns October 24, 2014
A sin that offends God
My son had masturbation today and now he worries me because he offended Jesus Christ My God.
by Ghosthunter7444 July 26, 2016
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