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to play with one's self while still in one's pants
masturbate, fondle the gonads, masturbation
by Lev Mattis Yahu January 12, 2009
42 31
When you have nothing else to do and are really bored:)and well you dont have the helping hand of your mate or hid dick or vag..enjoy
tom had to use a bit of his masturbation skills as his girlfriend was too pissed off at him
by lollipoppar January 17, 2010
25 15
The simplest, cheapest, safest and most practiced kind of sex.
Enjoyed by pretty much anyone in the world
Masturbation is good for prostate health
by Bangbangpewpew December 16, 2010
13 4
One of the most popular ways of entertaintme today, among internet, videogames and television.
I stay home today, but I had fun anyway... masturbation? nah I dont that...
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
33 25
pleasure acquired from the act of touching ones own privates.
text message
female: have you ever had masturbation frustration?

male: stoking my penis..
female: palming my clit naked on my bed. my legs are open.
male: good girl. how would you treat my johnny if you were here?
female: i'd suck you dry...

male: ooo? then you deserve a palm job till you squirt.
female: mm i like your big hands.
by naughtygirl November 17, 2013
6 1
slamming the noodle
tickling the hoe
cooking the turkey
Gabby's tickling the hoe with Luke masturbation.
Beka's cooking the turkey with Danielmasturbation.
by mikeikes June 03, 2009
21 16
Self improvement or pleasing oneself.
Rick: Did you see John working out?

Steve: Yeah, he is totally masturbating his ego.

Self improvement is masturbation, self destruction on the hand...
by Raakam_revolver September 12, 2012
4 0